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1.Grassland Protection

Alpine meadow in the macaque (high economic crops cultivation), the income is high. In addition, since the macaque in mass to absorb the nutrients of the earth, macaque, single cultivation soil for several years to become a barren land. Toyama, in order to protect the soil, crops, once after 5 to 7 years in retirement. A fallow period in Toyama graduate cultivation, the crab fishing. Using a large, fat crab fishing in the soil. Postharvest provide pastoral large crab fishing, and then used to feed cattle sheep. Therefore, the development of cattle industry in the past and to prevent the destruction of grassland animal.

2.Support Local Education

Xinjiang [in the remote region in most [note on and group, group of sub for Globalstar, family economics situation [in Japanese, Yan expands on the, education, Mount RA would Na Hai. Every year, in 5, Toyama is 10% of the interests of yo u - or was for up to on continued support.