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CXMA Maca Base

Located at
Tianshan Mountain
base size is
1000 mu



Reject any
and fertilizer
Only local
sheep manure
Glacier nourishment


5A Nature Reserve

Located in Xinjiang
Radius of 800
no any pollution



Xinjiang Maca
first professor
Zhu Shenglong
Manager of planting
France Ultramicro
cell breaking

About us

China Xinjiang Mountain Away International Trade Co., Ltd.(CXMA) is a new type of agricultural enterprises, the Internet plus green agricultural natural pure organic farming methods and techniques. Company since 2006 from Xinjiang Maca planting of Maca cultivation started in the first professor of search, until 2009 in Xinjiang tower County planting success, grow successful case for Xinjiang the first case of Maca. Company's existing Maca base acres, is located in the Tianshan Mountains of Xinjiang is National Nature Reserve, a water conservation, around the base of the no pollution has excellent ecological environment. This company's main project of Maca cultivation, research, sales of raw materials and finished product sales, cross-border output, information port and CXMA trade platform.



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